Kevin_Eftekhari_WebWhen you’re working with Kevin, you’ll hear him say something very unusual as he guides you through your inner landscape:
“You’re at the boundary conditions of your thinking, which means a breakthrough is about to happen.”

This is the domain in which he lives to play and master – the outer limits of our minds. His processes are designed to walk you directly to the edges of your imagination and beliefs; to transcend them, allowing deeper levels of your limitless potential to come to fruition.
His emergent success as a leader in the personal development field is the result of a journey spanning many years, which began with a defining, life-altering lesson:
Either you choose to be the change you wish to see in the world, or end up living your entire life as a victim imprisoned by tradition and circumstance.
At that time, feeling lost, frustrated and despondent, he was well acquainted with the pain of living without a purpose. There was no place where he felt at home – not in the world, nor within himself. Without a vision for the future, or a connection to his innate gifts and skills, the faint awareness that his genius and potential laid deep within, undiscovered, became a source of torture, rather than joy. It felt as if there was no way to control the direction of his life and that nothing would ever change.

Walking through the fires of that depression cracked him open to the realization that his struggles and limitations were all products of his own mind. It was this breakthrough which would allow for radical shifts in his beliefs and actions to suddenly begin materializing in his life.

This opening paved the way for a profound self-directed transformation. He devoured shelves of books and hours of lectures from pivotal fields such as depth psychology, behavioural and neuro-sciences, and anything useful or relevant to the enterprise of reinventing oneself.
The entire world around and within him was torn apart and reconstituted as a vibrant, limitless playground. Who he was, and what he would accomplish, were no longer static conditions dictated by fate, but instead, empowered choices made daily with conscious intention.

After much struggle, Kevin had finally contacted his life’s purpose, which is hinged on his personal axiom: “Live your highest purpose. Give your deepest gifts.” By unfolding the greatest version of himself and expanding his potential for positive global impact, he could invite and lead others in doing the same.

In 2008, he dove into intense certifications to become a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neurological Re-Patterning with The Christopher Howard Companies, as well as leadership certifications with the renowned communications outfit, Social Fluency.

Upon completion, he promptly set up an independent coaching practice, through which he’s provided his services to individuals and teams in various realms such as sales, marketing, public speaking, workplace relationships, health and organizational innovation.

His past client base is impressively diverse, including CEO’s of software companies, personal trainers and life coaches, start-up entrepreneurs, veterans in finance, marketing, and many others.

Apart from his career in coaching, his most recent passion project has been the study of history’s greatest geniuses and the implementation of their mental patterns. The fruits of this research – on figures such as Da Vinci, Einstein and Tesla – are being compiled into his next program on how we can apply these ancient genius strategies to our modern lives.

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My Services


One-time session for healing and transforming the root cause of a past pain and/or future fear that has been holding you back and kept you feeling stuck, and getting you back in your power and the present moment. By the end of this session you will find that your focus and confidence in who you are, what you’re going to do, and how you’re going do it is at 100%.  What would that look like for you?


Three month program designed to facilitate transformation in every single area of your life, where you will get:

  • To know your highest life purpose and making your whole life purposeful
  • Releasing all fears that no longer serve you and living in your power to the fullest
  • Trusting your inner voice and vision more than the opinions of others
  • The courage to do what you really want no matter what others think or say
  • To stop procrastinating on the things that are most important to you
  • The ability to take charge of your mind and emotions to be more effective
  • Weekly goals and accountability to stay focused on realizing your dreams
  • Unlimited e-mail access for ongoing support between sessions

If you were to bring forth the greatest version of yourself, what would that look like?


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